VAT Registration

A turnover of goods and services in other countries often leads to VAT registration requirements in the country. Although the VAT rules in the EU facilitates trade and accounting for VAT, there are still some differences in each country that may be useful to know. There are a lot of different variations depending on what you buy and sell and how to proceed. Buying goods in another country and then sell and deliver it within the country is in principle always a requirement to register for VAT. If you sell goods over the Internet to both businesses and individuals, you must also register for VAT.

It is best to conduct an investigation of the flow of goods before you start up the business. This avoids loss of input tax and penalties on late tax returns required to be reported subsequently.

At a VAT registration, a variety of documents are to be sent to the authority and forms must be filled in. You provide us with the documents and we take care of the entire process for you. We handle contacts with authority and answer their questions as well as take care of other correspondence for you towards the authority.

Once the registration process has been done and you have received your VAT registration number we put together a strategy with you and prepare templates and procedures to find the best way for the following tax accounting work.

We monitor VAT activities abroad, both within and outside the EU, ensuring that you will take note of the changes that occur and may affect your business.

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