VAT Refund

You do not need to be registered for VAT in another country to refund VAT costs on your expenses.
Taxable persons or agents for those, prepares applications based on invoices and receipts with foreign VAT. An application is made per country within the European Union according to the Councils Directive 2008/9/EG together with the local tax laws.

If the entrepreneur is outside the European Union e.g. Norway they applies for a refund according to the Councils 13thDirective.

If an application is made on false documents or a refund is requested for expenses that are not tax-deductible in the country of application, the application is rejected. When you are using Moms Finans, you do not need to think about what is deductible or not. We have extensive experience in the business and know what rules apply in each country.

In case of rejection, you get a limited period in which to appeal the decision if they believe it is wrong. If you submit an appeal to late the possibility of a change of the decision is gone. There are still some countries in the EU which requires that all correspondence is done in their language and who have a very short period between the rejection and the opportunity to submit an appeal, one of these countries is Poland.

When we take care of your requests, we will take care of all administration and communication with the tax offices abroad and you do not have to monitor and follow up the decisions and possible rejection. You get full control of your applications with our help and our reports.

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