Accounting and reports

VAT work rarely get into focus and procedures and reports are often tailored and formed by the individual officer. It is not uncommon for several departments within the same company to work in different ways and with entirely different solutions and variations on reports of similar work.

In larger groups where they have subsidiaries and branches in different countries the VAT work will be added as an extra task on staff with a local connection. Our experience of such solutions is that they over a long time means taking a risk. If a business has to many parties involved it can result in deficiencies of responsibility and understanding of the management of the VAT situation in the organization. Employees assigned to the task will perhaps in time get more work and available working hours for the VAT mission and focus on tax work diminishes. If you have bad luck, this can lead to additional costs, such as missed deadlines and loss of deductibility with subsequent external peripheral.

Despite local requirements and differences between countries, there are common denominators for VAT abroad. VAT Finance streamline, coordinate and coordinate your routines and reports in order to find the most effective solution.

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