One contact

Whether you work inside or outside the EU Moms Finans is your single point of contact for the entire process to ensure VAT work across borders! The VAT work within companies today is often secondary due to the fact that international business is done at a faster pace and extent.  To handle  VAT processes right it requires extensive "know-how" and a deeper knowledge of other countries' tax laws.

By centralizing the management of VAT to Moms Finans you ensure that:

  • your foreign tax returns are handled by the same partners in accordance with local requirements and within deadlines
  • a personal contact  who takes care of all cases
  • a partner with experience in foreign VAT since 1996
  • control of information gathered in one place
  • control of costs
  • cost effective solutions tailored to your business
  • interpretation and application of tax laws, regulations and directives
  • clear reports and prereports of VAT for full control
  • continued information on repayment and refund

Contact us today and assure the quality of your VAT accounting across borders!

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